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Level 1

Level 1 of this 5-level course is designed for novices who wish to learn the very basics of drawing. 

  • This level introduces the students to various colours, shapes, strokes, patterns, shades and gradients. 
  • This level also helps the students learn the usage of various drawing tools like different pencils, pastels, colour pencils, blending stumps etc.  
  • They learn basic techniques and gain familiarity with different art mediums, allowing them to experiment and express their creativity.

Level 2

Once the student finishes this foundational level, he/she can proceed to Level-2.

  • Level 2 introduces the students to dry mediums like charcoal, soft-pastels, etc and some foundational art concepts through technical pen arts. 
  • This level also helps the students learn the usage of various art techniques like additive and reductive drawing and tools like tortillons etc.  

These two levels contribute to the introductory stage of the art course.

Level 3

Moving on to the 2 intermediate levels (level 3 and level 4), students delve deeper into exploring advanced mediums and techniques. 

  • In level 3 students are introduced to semi wet mediums like brush pens, water color pencils, gel pens, so that students learn to gain greater control over the complex wet mediums.

Level 4

In the fourth level, students expand their artistic horizons by exploring advanced techniques and concepts like lights and shadows, perspectives. 

  • Moreover  this level also helps the students with a versatile artistic journey, allowing students to explore the expressive potential of watercolors, acrylics, and oils. 
  • It provides a solid foundation in technique and encourages students to develop their artistic mastery.

Level 5

The fifth level, referred to as the specialization level, allows students to focus on a specific area of art that aligns with their interests and aspirations. 

  • They choose a particular medium or art form, such as oil painting, charcoal, watercolor, or color pencil, and delve into it with intensive study and practice. 
  • Students refine their technical skills to a professional level and explore advanced concepts specific to their chosen specialization.

Materials for all the levels of the Art Classes will be provided.

Be an Artist

5 Level Course to teach art for Novice to Expert

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