Admissions open! Courses offered: Raising Confident Reader, Storytelling based communication skills development program.

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Vedic Maths
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Successful in conducting live, interactive fun sessions across borders.

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why Little Laudable Learners ?

individual attention

1: 5 & 1: 8 Teacher Student Ratio enables individual attention and encourages peer learning.

Highly qualified  Teachers

Well-qualified teachers connect with their students on a personal level and work closely with each child to bring out the best in them.

show day

Show days are the reflection of the learning that boosts confidence and raises the self-esteem of every little legend. 

SMART curriculum

Well-structured  Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Result oriented and Time bounded curriculum designed by Experts.

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Our Educators

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Founder & Director
  • Ms. Sridevi Srinivasan M.Sc B.Ed., 
  • 10+ years  of experience in teaching. Designed and Developed Integrated Reading Curriculum to fit in school
  • Internationally Certified Professional Storyteller
  • Her passion is to inculcate reading ability and to seed the love for reading in young minds
Lead Educator
  • Ms. Sornapriya B.A, 
  • Head of Raising Readers Program
  • 10+ years of experience with stellar record of classroom and administrative achievement.
  • Enthusiastic, committed educator with innate ability to understand and motivate children.
  • Her passion is to nurture young minds with the best of her abilities

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Tamil Educator
  • Ms.JansiMary has 3 + years of Teaching experience
  •  Enthusiastic Educator  , tailor Art teacher Karate champion
  • Her Passion is instill love for language for young minds
Tamil Educator
  • Ms. Subbulakshmi Venkatraman  has 3+ years of experience in teaching.
  • Certified Montessori Trained Teacher
  • Certified by Harvard University on "A collaborative process to improve learning and teaching"
  • Her passion is to teach student s by engaging them with  effective interactions
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Hindi Educator
  • Mrs. Janaka. M.COM, M.A.(HINDI) with 25+ years of teaching experience in hindi
  • Multi-talented in craft, tailoring, Aari work and jewellery making. Also completed M.A in Dakshin Bharath Hindi Prachar Sabha.
  •  Sending students for hindi  exams parichay to praveen and also sending students for spoken Hindi exams
Story Teller
  • Ms. Haritha is a passionate performance Storyteller, translator 
  •  loves to nurture the potential and imagination of children through stories and hands-on activities.
  • loves to narrate stories on Diversity and Inclusion, STEM, folklore, social and environmental stories.
  • Has Won the award "BTB Storyteller of the Year 2020".
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Raising Reader Educator
  • Ms.Revathy B.Com., MBA
  • 2+ Years of Experience in IT Industry
  • Her Passion to teach English to young minds

Art Educator
  • Ms.Pon Aruna Saravanan MSc, MBA 
  • 15+ years of teaching experience
  • Multi-talented with expertise in Art, Craft, Tailoring, and Jewellery making.  
  • An alumna of De Sales Music Academy, Bangalore, 
  • Her passion  is to teach arts and maths to children and instil love for the subject
Raising Readers Educator
  • Ms. Sudha Balamurugan,  B.A ENG.LIT,   
  • 10+ years of work  experience. 
  • Certified phonics teacher.
  • Worked in schools in Chennai,  Bangalore and UAE.  Her passion is to swott new things in teaching.
Yoga Educator
  • Ms. Shankari   
  • 10+ years of work  experience. 
  • Certified Yoga Practitioner
  • Trained hundreds of students  and women to live fit
Tamil Educator and Admin
  • Ms.S.Sangeetha  MCA   
  • 7+ years of   experience. 
  • She is passionate  to teach Tamil to young minds
  • Technical Head at League of Little Legends
  • Ms. Vaishanavi Sudharshan M.F.C
  • 3 years in Finance and Accounts Department in a reputed company