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Raising Confident Readers

Program Overview

Little Laudable Learners' Raising Confident Communicators (RCC) program is a groundbreaking initiative designed to enrich the foundational skill of communication among students in grades 1 to 8. Our program is carefully tailored to meet the unique needs of each child, helping struggling students improve their reading abilities and enhancing their overall communication skills.

How We Conduct Raising Confident Communicators:

Step 1: Comprehensive Reading Assessment

We begin by conducting a comprehensive reading assessment for every child to identify their specific needs. This assessment provides detailed reports for each student, serving as the foundation of our tailored approach.

Step 2: Personalized Roadmap

Based on each child's reading level, we craft a personalized roadmap to enhance their communication skills. This roadmap is meticulously designed to cater to the unique requirements of every student.

Step 3: Collaboration with School Leadership

We present the assessment reports and discuss the detailed plan with the school principal and coordinators, ensuring alignment with the school's objectives.

Step 4: Program Execution

To ensure flexibility and convenience, our program can be executed in two modes:

a. Our dedicated team works directly with the students.

b. We provide training to teachers and offer continuous monitoring and support during program execution. Our year-long commitment ensures consistent progress

Step 5: Parent Involvement

We meet with parents who require additional support for their children, fostering a collaborative approach to the child's development.

Step 6: Reporting and Review

We present comprehensive reports and program updates to the team of teachers, parents, and school management, as required.

Program Benefits:

Grassroot Nurturing: Our program focuses on nurturing each child's communication skills at the fundamental level.

Detailed Insights: The comprehensive assessment reports provide clear insights into each student's strengths and areas for improvement, aiding school management in making informed decisions.

Empowered Future: We equip every child with essential skills for the future, including reading proficiency, grammar, creative writing, public speaking, and storytelling.

Showcased Learning: Learning outcomes are presented in a compelling format, allowing schools to showcase their students' achievements.

At Little Laudable Learners, we are dedicated to shaping confident, articulate, and passionate learners who thrive in the world of communication and learning. Join us in this exciting journey toward nurturing Little Laudable Learners today!

Schools we work with

1. Jain Public School, Thirumudivakkam, Chennai
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2. Shriram Matriculation School, Thiruneermalai, Chennai
Little Laudable Learners

Whole School Program

At Little Laudable Learners, our mission is to equip every child with essential communication skills, nurture a love for reading, and inspire a lifelong enthusiasm for learning. We aim to raise confident communicators who excel in reading, creative writing, public speaking, and storytelling, all while strengthening their grammar and core communication skills.

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