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Course Overview

1. Fundamental Tamil

Learning Outcomes: 

  • To identify, read and write the basic letters.
  • Proper pronunciation of the letters.
  • Read short passages
  • Read short stories
  • Converse in proper tamil
  • Story Reading and Comprehension

Story reading plays a vital role in language development. In this module, learners will engage in reading and comprehending Tamil stories. Students will develop fundamental learning, critical thinking skills and vocabulary expansion. Through interactive discussions and activities, students will enhance their comprehension abilities and enjoy learning Tamil in a fun-filled way.

2. Spoken Tamil

  • Building Vocabulary and Conversational Skills:
  • Expanding vocabulary and developing conversational skills 
  • Learn commonly used words, phrases, and expressions in spoken Tamil
  • Interactive conversations, role-plays, and situational exercises to practice
  • Real-Life Conversations and Situational Practice
  • Simulate everyday scenarios
  • Short skits, drama, monologues and dialogues

Students perform during the show days to showcase their talent in front of parents, guests and the world.

Join us and unlock the power of spoken Tamil, opening doors to effective communication and cultural appreciation.

Tamil Courses

A comprehensive and engaging Tamil language program designed to provide a strong foundation in the Tamil language. 

Holistic approach integrating key elements such as learning 

  • sounds
  • letters
  • blending
  • reading
  • story reading 
  • storytelling

allowing learners to develop their Tamil language skills in a well-rounded manner.

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