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Public Speaking

Ace the art of Public Speaking with little Laudable Learners

It was when Radha was studying in grade 5 Radha wanted to become a skilled orator. Radha was inspired by senior Kalpana who always orates and wins the heart of the audience. Radha closely observed Kalpana’s hand gestures, body language and speech carefully.

Radha decided to become an orator just like her senior Kalpana. Never did Radha know that her journey to becoming a public speaker would be filled with obstacles and fear.

She enrolled her name in the competition that was organized in her school. She prepared a script with the help of her mother and practised diligently.

On the day of the competition, she eagerly waited for her turn. When she approached the stage, Radha’s heart raced and her legs trembled with anxiety. Though she had previous stage experience in dance performances, the fear of facing the audience overwhelmed her. Sweating, panting and trembling, Radha grabbed the mic on the podium.

As Radha stood on the stage and held the mic on the podium, she felt dizzy. Mustered her courage and started to speak. “Good morning, everyone!”.

And the next moment she froze. She completely lost her lines and stood in silence. She thought that was the end and thanked everyone and rushed down.

This daunting experience left Radha with a deep-rooted fear of public speaking. Never in her life had she ever tried to speak in front of the public. Though thoughts and ideas flowed in her mind, she never expressed them and remained one among the crowd.

Had she been fortunate enough to have a mentor who understood her fears and provide guidance, Radha’s journey might have taken a different course.

A good mentor could have helped her to come out of the fear or given her the hope that the initial fear was normal and good for her, she would have attempted and gradually learnt to speak in public.

Public speaking is a skill that can be acquired through constant practice and dedicated mentorship. It is an art that requires perseverance. Fear, although a natural part of the journey, can catalyze personal growth. By exploring public speaking within a safe and supportive environment and gradually expanding to larger audiences, individuals can develop the confidence needed to excel.

At Little Laudable Learners, we offer the program “Raising Confident Communicators,” where students learn the art of public speaking. With the guidance of our exceptional mentors, students can cultivate their public speaking skills and captivate the hearts of their audience. We invite you to enrol your child on this transformative journey to master communication skills.

Public speaking is not just about delivering a message; it is about empowering individuals to become confident, effective communicators. Radha’s story highlights the significance of mentorship and the transformative power of facing and overcoming our fears. With constant practice and the guidance of mentors, anyone can unlock their potential and excel in the art of public speaking. Join Little Laudable Learners to embark on this incredible journey of mastering communication skills.

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