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Power of Reading

Empowering the Next Generation: The Transformative Power of Reading

We live in a world that has extremes on either end where technology leads on one end, dreadful diseases shut the world on the other end. Where the fear of war looms at one end, the magic of entertainment takes us to another world on the other end. While some of us are parallelly working on moving to Mars, just like moving to the house next door, some remain deep-rooted with cultural values. So, are we preparing the next generation to face the future with so many contrasts pulling from either side?

How will we empower our children to cope with the plethora of events happening? To cope, face issues and resolve them, they need to communicatecollaborate and cooperate effectively.

As parents, what do we need to do today for our children? We need to empower the next generation with the skills required for good communication, collaboration and cooperation. These three Cs will enable the next generation to connect, resolve their issues and redefine their lives.

What is the most crucial skill underlying the three Cs? Is there a magical skill that will form the baseline for communication, collaboration and cooperation? 

Yes, there is a power that leads one from unknown to known, ignorance to enlightenment, insecurity to confidence, and empowers one to communicate, collaborate, cooperate, and make learning enjoyable. It is the power of reading

Well, is it easy to give the power of reading to our children?

In today’s world, children are exposed to different situations before they get prepared to handle them. They are exposed to concepts beyond their comprehension and become compelled to understand. Many of them are loaded with heavy syllabi before learning and acquiring fundamental skills like reading and writing.

For some children, both parents are working; some others are first-generation learners. Under such circumstances, they get less guidance. With less guidance, they are expected or, many times, compelled to study their lessons every day. As a result, they consider reading as an academic activity and never get to experience the joy of reading. Also, in this digital era, exposure to gadgets distracts children and hinders them from focusing on meditative activities like reading. Devices reduce their attention span; hence, spending time reading becomes too hard.

When reading becomes strenuous, so is learning. With so many challenges around, is there a way to make the process of learning enjoyable? 

Yes. There is a way and it is to inculcate reading ability and instill a love for reading in the early years. We can make learning enjoyable. Also, we can empower children with the underlying skills of communication, collaboration and cooperation.

Give the power of READING and sprinkle the magic of LOVE TO READ to your child at a very early stage. Fostering a love for reading from early childhood is the best investment a parent can make for their child. Children can reap endless benefits for their lifetime.

Reading is the light that purges the darkness called ignorance.

Reading helps them in academics and will also empower them with skills to cope with the challenges awaiting them in the future.

“Raising a confident reader is similar to raising an autodidact.”

To enable children to soar high in the infinite space of knowledge, raise them as confident readers. Good readers are independent self-learners. 

Raising a child as a confident reader is not a Herculean task. On the contrary, it is a beautiful process that brings happiness, bonding and joy. We at Little Laudable Learners offer levelled reading programs that are weaved with the phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, storytelling and story reading programs that engage children with meaningful learning experiences and empower them with the skill of reading. Enrolling in our courses are investing in the future of your children.

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