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Educator Enable Endless Possibilities

Educators enable exploration of endless possibilities

Educators enable children to think above and beyond and expand their horizons. Imagine a classroom filled with curious minds, each one representing a unique viewpoint in a vast landscape of possibilities. In this classroom, educators hold the key to unlocking the horizons of these young learners. Let me take you on a journey to explore how educators can expand the horizons of their students, just like the ever-changing horizon that stretches infinitely before us.

“Can you touch the Horizon?” a scientific explanation would be that the horizon is always an optical illusion. One can never touch it. The horizon is not a physical location of a specific point, it is an optical illusion created due to the curvature of the Earth and the way light travels and on and on…

But if you ask me the same question, I would come up with an analogy. A horizon varies from every point where you stand, and for each point, there are 360 different views of it based on the angle of vision.

Imagine you are standing within the circumference of a small circle. Your view is initially restricted to the trajectory and direction from where you see. However, as you keep extending the circumference of your circle and change your direction, you broaden the viewpoint and discover the endlessness of your horizon.

Just like the horizon, dreams, knowledge, wisdom, imagination, hope, and love possess a limitless nature. As an educator, it is our responsibility to ensure our students explore the world to the fullest, rejoicing the endless wonder of learning.

There is a beautiful quote that encapsulates this analogy:

“As known unknowns become known;Β 

unknown unknowns proliferate;Β 

the larger the island of knowledge,Β 

the longer the shoreline of wonder.”

This quote emphasizes that as we explore the known, the unknown expands, and the more knowledge we acquire, the more we realize there is to wonder about. It is through the pursuit of the unknown that we experience the wonders along the shoreline.

With this quote, it becomes apparent that students need to have the opportunity, curiosity, and freedom to conquer the unknown and embark on the journey towards infinity.

And thus educators, must constantly strive to expand the circle where our students stand, ensuring that there are no raised walls in the name of protection that block their vision.

By extending the circumference of the circle from where the student stands and guiding them in the right direction, we ensure they explore endless possibilities.

It is crucial for us not to forget that every point has 360 degrees to it, and at each degree, children can see the point from a different perspective. When they do so, we need to align our vision with theirs, wonder what they see and guide them to look in the right direction only if needed.

At Little Laudable Learners we ensure that educators align their vision to that of their students allowing them to look at every possible perspective, expand their circle of knowledge and constantly celebrate them to embark on the endless learning journey.

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